Bram Knaapen

Fitbit Dashboard using Grafana

I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for over 5 years now to keep track of my activities and heart-rate. While Fitbit’s app is quite alright for daily and weekly overviews it isn’t great to review longer term trends. Also it offers limited fidelity in detailed view. I’ve got some experience using Grafana and InfluxDB and figured I could hook them up to the Fitbit API and play around a bit. Works like a charm!

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 as a server. It runs a Python script every hour to download the latest data from the Fitbit API.
Fitbit API package:
Using the standard InfluxDBClient to connect to Influx.

The top view shows a heatmap of heartrate throughout the day (time on x; time of day on y)
Number of steps (per day)
Sleep stages, duration, efficiency
Burned calories / day
And of course there still are the daily views