Philips MyCreation Launch

Philips MyCreation lets you design your own lighting fixture 3D-printed on-demand and deliver it to your home.

Signify Luminaire

Luminaire representing the new company logo as a standing light located at every Signify location world-wide.


Smaller version of our KALOS GLOW installation used in the opening ceremony of the renovated Philips Museum

KALOS : Hue-enabled kaleidoscope

KALOS is an interactive kaleidoscope made with Philips hue bulbs built for the 2012 GLOW event

Equinox Clock

Ever since the Remote Context Communicator project I’d been walking around with the idea to make a clock in the same sty

How the Equinox Clock was made

For people interested in how the Equinox clock was made a short description: The most important parts: Arduino Mini Pro USB-Se

Publications & Press

Equinox Clock The Equinox clock was featured in the April-June issue of LUXURIA Property magazine. Remote Context Communicator

Home Circuit-board Etching Tutorial

Because some fellow students asked for it I’ve written a tutorial on how to etch your own circuit boards. You can downlo

Context Communicator on DDW

Modular system of connectable triangles that can be mounted to the wall and can project a real-time abstract display of a remo

Interactive Skateable Objects

This project was a collaboration between me, Eva Hopma, Floris Kimman and David Menting. As part of the “User Master Cla

Firefighting Beacon

Bachelor Degree Final Project (2007) Series of beacons capable of showing a preconfigured danger symbol in addition to an audi

Oce Internship: Fireflies

Internship at Oce Technologies as part of my Bachelors degree. Intro: A design concept developed during an internship at Oce T

About Me

I’m an Innovation Manager / Designer / Technologist working at Signify building the 3D-printed future of lighting. I gra