Bram Knaapen

Lunar Ambient Display

Lunar is a Raspberry Pi powered ambient display with web app

Fitbit Dashboard using Grafana

Data Dashboard of my Fitbit data using Grafana, Influx & RPI

3D Printing at Signify

In 2017 we founded a 3D printing venture in Signify. Here I work on our digital platforms.

Philips MyCreation Launch

Philips MyCreation lets you design your own lighting fixture 3D-printed on-demand and deliver it to your home.

Signify Luminaire

Luminaire representing the new company logo as a standing light located at every Signify location world-wide.


Smaller version of our KALOS GLOW installation used in the opening ceremony of the renovated Philips Museum

KALOS : Hue-enabled kaleidoscope

KALOS is an interactive kaleidoscope made with Philips hue bulbs built for the 2012 GLOW event

Mosaic: Graduation Project

Mosaic is a modular lighting system. Created as part of my Masters thesis in 2010.

Equinox Clock

Equinox is a clock that shows time using a ring of light

How the Equinox Clock was made

For people interested in how the Equinox clock was made a short description: The most important parts: Arduino Mini Pro USB-Se

Publications & Press

Equinox Clock The Equinox clock was featured in the April-June issue of LUXURIA Property magazine. Remote Context Communicator

Context Communicator on DDW

Modular system of connectable triangles that can be mounted to the wall and can project a real-time abstract display of a remo

Firefighting Beacon

Bachelor Degree Final Project (2007) Series of beacons capable of showing a preconfigured danger symbol in addition to an audi

Oce Internship: Fireflies

Internship at Oce Technologies as part of my Bachelors degree. Intro: A design concept developed during an internship at Oce T

About Me

I’m an Innovation Manager / Designer / Technologist working at Signify building the future of lighting by using 3D print