Bram Knaapen

Signify Luminaire

March 2018 Philips Lighting announced it was going to change its name to Signify. Our CEO asked us to build a series of objects that would stand as an icon of the company’s name change. We designed and 3d-printed a luminaire representing the new company logo as a standing light welcoming people at every Signify location world-wide.

A small video was made explaining more of the object and the process.

CEO Eric Rondolat and Rene van Schooten at the name-change ceremony at Signify HQ (Photo: Frank van Beek)
This video was showed during the ceremony in all offices as a demonstration of the process of creation :).
As a thank you we were invited to be part of the opening bell ceremony on the first trading day on the name-change day. Never every thought I’d attend one of those :).