Bram Knaapen

KALOS : Hue-enabled kaleidoscope

KALOS is an interactive lighting installation designed and built for the 2012 GLOW event during my time at Philips Research. GLOW is an annual light festival in Eindhoven. KALOS is a giant kaleidoscope made using 36 Philips hue bulbs. the mirrors around the core triangle replicate the triangle into a huge “virtual” ball when peeking around the corners of the front triangle.

Visitors were able to choose a color and location on the central triangle to see “their light effect” happen in the sculpture. They could do this by connecting to a public wifi where their would get a website with UI automatically pushed (like what happens in a hotel)

Kalos team: Dzmitry Aliakseyeu, and Jon Mason  (Photo credits: Nando Harmsen, Frank van Beek and Marius Trouwborst) Mark Spanbroek and Kero van Gelder

Visitors could connect to a local wifi and use a pushed web interface to interact with the installation by choosing a color and a position on the “central triangle”