Interactive Skateable Objects

This project was a collaboration between me, Eva Hopma, Floris Kimman and David Menting.

As part of the “User Master Class” me and my teammates(3) got the assignment to design a “playful” object that fits in the “Open-ended play” concept: through interactivity invite the users to make their own playing rules. The target group were “skate-boarders”. Client: Area51, a skatepark in Eindhoven, duration: 3 week, this iteration: 1 week.

Skate-boarding on itself is pretty open-ended: Skate-boarders are constantly looking for new ways of using their surroundings as objects to “take” by grinding/sliding/jumping over. We took the challenge to make “skateable objects” more open-ended by enriching them with interactivity.

The Result

The final design consists out of 4 box-like objects. On both ends of the boxes are distance sensors. The moment a skater jumps over a box an additional row of LEDs will go on. Depending on what side is up the row will be red or blue. When the box is on it’s side both sensors will work and there is the opportunity to “battle”. It’s up to the skaters to think of games to play with it.