Bram Knaapen

How the Equinox Clock was made

For people interested in how the Equinox clock was made a short description:

The most important parts:
Arduino Mini Pro
USB-Serial converter
12x TLC5940PWP (SMD) Led drivers
DS1307 + battery to keep track of time
Loads of circuitboards (12 black ones and 60 white ones)

The clock works like this: In the bottom of the clock (behind the infinity symbol) is an arduino mini Pro. The Arduino is connected to the first of a total of 12 black circuitboards. These black circuitboards all have a TLC5940PWP led driver. By using Molex picoflex cables and connectors I daisy-chained 12 of these led drivers. Every black circuitboard has 5 connectors for the white LED circuitboards. Behind the infinity symbol is a touch sensitive wire (capacitive) that enables to cycle through different colors or turn it off. That’s roughly it for the electronics! The body was laser cut, assembled and spray painted, the plexiglass blocks were sandblasted. The software is pretty straight forward. The arduino receives the current time from the DS1307 and calculates the color palette according to the time of day using HSV color space.