Bram Knaapen

Context Communicator on DDW

Part of my Masters Degree was a project (2008) “Remote context communicator”. It was exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2008 in the Design United exhibition. An shared exhibition by the design faculties of the three dutch Technical Universities.

Project Concept

The non face-to-face communication of social and emotional experiences between people usually happens through phone or other media like e-mail, IM (instant messaging or webcam (e.g. Skype). The context in which the experiences were experienced plays an important role. Neither the technology nor our way of describing enables us to communicate this visual context in a way it can be “experienced” by the other person. There still are a few layers of formulation & interpretation in between: you can only imagine. This project focuses on the design of a system that is able to communicate the real-time visual context of a remote user so that the receiving person is able to “ feel” as if he/she is there without the translation steps that are required when describing an experience. Emphasis is on the visual element in experience and thus imaging technology. The final concept is a modular system of connectable triangles that can be mounted to the wall and can project areal-time abstract display system of a remote visual context recorded by a camera worn by the remote person.

This is the representation based on a movie inside a train.
This is the representation based on a movie inside a moving car at night.